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Lintel boxes for roller shutter

Fixolite is a major player in the manufacture and distribution of lintel boxes on the French market. For many years, our range has been adapted to comply with regulations and standards. Fixolite has a technical advice and we are in constant contact with the CSTB for product developments.

Hide your boxes with Fixolite lintel boxes

Advantages of the Fixolite box

CSTB certified

All Fixolite boxes are certified by the CSTB.


Manufactured in 6 m lengths and made from the highest density expanded polystyrene, welded mesh reinforcement and aluminium rails. 


The welded mesh and aluminium rails incorporated into the moulding ensure perfect rigidity during handling.

Excellent plaster base

Thanks to side finishes in wood fibre cement (Fibragglo), brick or primer. 

Perfect lintel anchorage

The concrete in the lintel ensures that the box is perfectly anchored by entering the pockets every 30 cm. The steel mesh can be removed to complete the fixing in cases of heavy stress (corner boxes). 


Thanks to mass production. What's more, a range of well-matched accessories means you can assemble them quickly and save money.


The product is classified as M1, i.e. non-flammable.

Thermal insulation

With an R value of 1.42, the Fixolite box provides thermal insulation equivalent to, if not better than, that of the windows used with it.

Acoustic insulation

The values obtained during the various tests ranged from 46 to 59 Db. See CSTB acoustic test report.

Composition of a safe

The Fixolite box is a prefabricated lintel box designed to hold a closure, made up of an inverted U-shaped expanded polystyrene shell.

5 box models


This box is the most economical and offers good performance. 

High insulation (HI)

This highly insulated box is the best performing lintel box available today. It is particularly well suited to the thermal requirements of the market.


This box is used for transom openings of up to 4.5m. The CSTB requires the use of reinforcement from 1.6 m upwards. 

Orientable Sun Shade (BSO) 

This box is specially adapted for orientable sun shade. Its cutaway design means it can accommodate even the largest shutters and can be fixed to its central rail. 

Half lintel

This box is increasingly in demand from manufacturers. It is suitable for "window block" closures: monobloc systems that combine closure and shutter. 

4 finishes

The outer casing of each model is available in 4 finishes. The inner wall is usually made of smooth or structured polystyrene.


By default, the finish is in the same polystyrene as the hull. The wall is structured for better adhesion of the finishing plaster.

Wood fibre cement

The wood-cement finish is the most popular and offers excellent plaster adhesion. The 8 mm fibreboards are glued to the wall during manufacture.


The terracotta finish is popular for top-of-the-range insulated enclosures, and provides a finish that matches the building's façade. The 8 mm terracotta sheets are glued to the wall during manufacture.


The primer finish saves time when finishing on site. The primer is available in a choice of grey or terracotta colours.


The FIXOLITE enclosure reference is made up of the enclosure model, the type of aluminium rail and the finish.


Fixolite also offers a wide range of accessories, including cheeks and brackets for quick and easy mounting of shutters.


The side panels are made of polypropylene, a highly resistant material. They allow the motor head mounting plates and the opposite end mounting plates to be screwed on directly.


The various models of bracket to be fixed to the cheeks are suitable for all types of motor or shutter shaft.

Reinforcing joinery/linen

The patented steel joiner/header reinforcement with fixing lugs is recommended for transoms from 1.6m. It holds the joinery to the lintel.

Sealing kit

The sealing kit with gasket (J8) and buffer (TM1) meets the requirements of low-energy buildings (BBC).


On-site implementation is detailed in the technical notices registered with the CSTB.