Raffstore boxes

This box is specially designed for the raffstore or Orientable Sun Shade - "Brise Soleil Orientable" (BSO). Its cutaway design means it can accommodate the largest BSOs and be fixed to its central rail.

Fixolite reinforced enclosures are made of graphite polystyrene (grey). This prevents light reflection through the sunshade.

All FIXOLITE safes have undergone extensive testing and are certified by an independent body.
of the CSTB

The side panels for raffstore boxes are made of graphite polystyrene.

Size of raffstore boxes

TypeHLExterior wallTunnelInside wallCheekkg/mRPAL
BSO 23 H 323202304514045J-BSO3.461.2024
BSO 28 H 323202804514095J-BSO3.652.5416
BSO 28 H 2928528026140114J-BSO3.553.0516
  • (*) kg/m: weight may vary for non-standard rails.
    • wood-cement fiber finish: + 1.15 kg/m
    • terracotta finish: + 4.32 kg/m 
    • Primer finish: + 0.58 kg/m
  • (**) R: thermal resistance (m².K/W) taking into account a λ coefficient of 0.0374 W/m.K after application of a safety coefficient of 1.15.
  • (***) PAL: number of boxes per pallet. Delivery by full lorry. Typically, a truck contains 8 pallets of boxes and 2 pallets of side panels and accessories.

Cutting plans

The sectional drawings of the enclosures are shown with the most common aluminium profiles and with the polystyrene finish. Other finishes are of course also available.

The different profiles available are shown below.

BSO 23 H 32

BSO 28 H 32

Profiles available

Fixolite offers a range of profiles for stopping plaster, inserting cheeks and supporting the soffit.

All profiles have a notch for fastening the cheeks and the soffit.

External profiles

827 (or 8)

Most common profile with plaster stop tab


Alternative to Channel 8, with deeper underside notch


Enables a rail cover to be fitted

Internal profiles


This profile allows the insertion of a fixing angle

Central profile


This central profile allows the BSO to be fixed with 2 screws every 40 cm.


This central profile allows the BSO to be bolted into the slide rail.


Here are the most common references according to our nomenclature. Other models are also available on request.

C-BSO23H32 8-FX-28EN FBox (6 m) BSO model, W: 230, H: 320, tunnel: 140, rail 827/28FR, fibragglo finish, colour grey
C-BSO28H32 8-FX-28ENBox (6 m) BSO model, W: 280, H: 320, tunnel: 140, rail 827/28FR, polystyrene finish, colour grey