Who are we?

Fixolite, located near Charleroi, south of Brussels in Belgium, specialises in since 1945 in the manufacture of insulating building materials.

Including Hi blocks (High Insulation) or tunnel box for Hi shutter enabling the creation of BBC or passive housesFixolite is the answer to European standards in force.

Production is exported to various countries European countries such as France, Germany, Italy, Portugal and the Netherlands, as well as in North Africa. These materials are used in the construction of buildings such as  schools, sports halls, detached houses, blocks of flats or flats, industrial and tertiary buildingsetc. ...

The Fixolite blocks are made up of wood/Portland cement and conventional or graphite insulation (inside or outside). The blocks are dry-assembled (except for the first row). Concrete is then poured to provide a solid surface. mechanical strength to the whole, while also ensuring thermal inertia and a acoustic comfort (RT 2012). The blocks are manufactured in our factory in Italy: www.isobloc.it.

The tunnel boxes are made up of a polystyrene shell (with steel reinforcement). The external part will be clad with fibre, brick, concrete or ribbed (PSE) cladding. Fixolite lintel boxes can then be fitted with all the roller shutters on the market.

A few dates

1945Creation of Fixolite Usines
1957Relocation to the former rolling mills in Thiméon and production of wood-cement building blocks
1980The founder's son becomes CEO and starts distributing lintel boxes Beck in France
2001Fixolite starts manufacturing tunnel / lintel boxes (marketed in Europe) and registers numerous patents.
2004Creation of the subsidiary Isobloc in Italy for the manufacture of the blocks
2022A group operating in the industrial sector takes over the business and sets up a new management team

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